Going off Memory, seems about right

The last time I was out in Arizona, the temps didn’t quite get as high; it just felt like it.



Has anyone heard from Minstrel and his Better Half lately?

State Statistics

Frank over at Perfectly Frank put up a post; one we often see from gun control advocates.

I’ve taken his chart – from the VPC and added a column.

Rank State Firearm Related Rate Firearm Ownership
1 Alaska 19.59 57.8
2 Louisiana 19.15 44.1
3 Alabama 17.79 51.7
4 Mississippi 17.55 55.3
5 Wyoming 17.51 59.7
6 Montana 16.94 57.7
7 Arkansas 16.93 55.3
8 Oklahoma 16.41 42.9
9 Tennessee 15.86 43.9
10 New Mexico 15.63 34.8
11 South Carolina 15.6 42.3
12 West Virginia 15.1 55.3
13 Missouri 14.56 41.7
14 Arizona 14.2 31.1
15 Nevada 14.16 33.8
16 Kentucky 14.15 47.7
17 Idaho 14.08 55
18 Indiana 13.04 39.1
19 Georgia 12.63 40.3
20 Florida 12.49 24.5
21 North Carolina 12.42 41.3
22 Michigan 12.03 38.4
23 (tie) North Dakota 11.89 50.7
23 (tie) Maine 11.89 40.5
25 Oregon 11.76 39.8
26 Colorado 11.75 34.7
27 Utah 11.69 43.9
28 Kansas 11.44 42.1
29 Pennsylvania 11.36 34.7
30 Ohio 11.14 32.4
31 Delaware 10.8 25.5
32 Texas 10.5 35.9
33 Virginia 10.46 35.1
34 Vermont 10.37 42
35 Wisconsin 9.93 44.4
36 Maryland 9.75 21.3
37 South Dakota 9.47 56.6
38 Washington 9.07 33.1
39 Nebraska 8.99 38.6
40 Illinois 8.67 20.2
41 Iowa 8.19 42.9
42 California 7.89 21.3
43 Minnesota 7.88 41.7
44 New Hampshire 7.03 30
45 New Jersey 5.69 12.6
46 Rhode Island 5.33 12.8
47 Connecticut 4.48 16.7
48 New York 4.39 18
49 Massachusetts 3.18 12.6
50 Hawaii 2.71 6.7



Since Frank is still trying to figure things out; I’m going to keep this real simple. Let’s just look at the top ten states for the two variables; Firearm Related Homicides and Firearm Ownership. One of the most common gun control mantras is “more guns = more death”

Top Ten by Firearm Homicide Rate Top Ten by Ownership
1.  Alaska 5.  Wyoming
2.  Louisiana 1.  Alaska
3.  Alabama 6.  Montana
4 . Mississippi 37. South Dakota
5.  Wyoming 4. Mississippi
6.  Montana 7. Arkansas
7.  Arkansas 12. West Virginia
8.  Oklahoma 17. Idaho
9.  Tennessee 3 Alabama
10. New Mexico 23. North Dakota

The Numbers in both columns are the states’ ranking for Firearm related homicide rate. So Frank, if More Guns equals more firearm related deaths; why does Wyoming have a higher percentage of firearms but fewer deaths then Alaska or Louisiana or Alabama or Mississippi?

Why does Mississippi have more firearms then Louisiana but Louisiana have more firearm related homicides?

Bleg –Anyone Remember That Video?

I’m trying to find a video about police shootings and reaction times.

I’m pretty sure, but not positive, I saw this video on someone’s blog. Unfortunately, many of the details are hazy. There as a single presenter on stage, I thought it was a “Ted Talk”. I believe he was or is from some Law Enforcement Agency. The thing that struck me about the video was he got the audience involved.

He asked them to “shoot him” with their fingers and go “bang”. Then he ran through several scenarios; including one where he turned away from the audience and many ‘shot him in the back.’


Anyone recognize the video, if so could you provide a link?


At Least There is This

Expected high temp today — 80 degrees.

Running On Empty

Just can’t get motivated and moving this moving. Oh, the body is up and at work but the brain is still at home, tucked under the covers screaming “You can’t make me think”.


Try reading some of the great folks on the blog roll. When/IF my brain decides to get it in gear, I might find motivation to post again.

Or I might simply decide to take my body back home and have it join the brain under the covers.


That’ll Teach Ya To Brag

A 22-year-old Mineral Wells man is in jail after allegedly posting on his Facebook page that he had more than a dozen warrants out for his arrest.

Authorities say Eddie Smith’s Facebook page on Jan. 20 boasted of having 16 warrants out for his arrest

Yep — post on Facebook that you are wanted on a dozen warrants. Have friends of dubious level of ‘friendship’. Facebook’s single level of ‘friends’ is a rant I’m going to pass on for today.
And cops will find you to collect on those warrants. Sometimes the crooks make it easy.

Sometimes the victims make it all too easy also

Melissa Pace had her car broken into last week while she worked out at a Lifetime Fitness in Flower Mound. She’d left a tote bag in her Escalade with her credit cards and driver’s license.

“Lifetime has cameras, and so I thought, ‘Who in the world is going to do it?’ because there are cameras all over the place, but I was wrong,” said Pace.

Police believe the same suspect was caught on security camera video taken after another smash-and-grab spree at a Lifetime Fitness in Colleyville as the suspect used a stolen card at a nearby Hobby Lobby.

Colleyville police call the man a dedicated opportunist who’s watching for women who get out of their cars without a purse.

Yeah, cameras have really proven to stop criminals. I simply can not understand the mindset that thinks cameras keep crime from happening. We see media report after media report of criminals being caught ON CAMERA during and after the crime. Wouldn’t you think anyone paying the least bit of attention would make the connection that camera does not equal crime free?


Chutzpah — example of, politician type.

Dallas County commissioner John Wiley Price will be in federal court on Tuesday, and he is asking taxpayers to pick up the legal tab in his corruption trial.

The embattled commissioner will also face a judge to ask for two separate trials — one for alleged bribery and the other for alleged tax fraud.

Back in September, a federal judge denied Price’s request for a court-appointed attorney, saying that he could afford to pay for his own legal defense.

The federal trial is set to begin in January of next year.

Price has pleaded not guilty and has maintained his innocence. Fellow commissioner Mike Cantrell pushed for Price to be suspended from commissioner’s court, but the efforts failed and Price refused to step down.

Jiminy Crickets — this man has no shame at all. Awaiting trial for using his political position for personal gain and he wants the taxpayers to defend him.

Sad State of Affairs

I can understand cities and the state charging for accident reports for those not involved; personally I would prefer to keep the information contained private — but anyone with the right information can get it.

I could almost, before the advent of computers and cheap storage capacity, see charging for older reports.

But to charge people to download a police report on the collision they were in 6 days ago — ridiculous. And for it to cost $6 plus taxes, come on folks. Now you are just gouging people.

Especially since it looks like the other party isn’t willing to step and make things right. Called once last week and talked  to the car owner; she said she would get the information on how to file an insurance claim. That was Wednesday. Tried again this morning and didn’t get a response.

This should be fun*

*for some value or definition of fun.